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Terms and Conditions


We understand that sometimes certain things happen that mean cancelling is the only option.

All we ask is for you to give us as much notice as possible with 72 hours being the minimal.

We realise that each time this happens it will always be specific to you so we will try and be as flexible as possible.

If you are able to reschedule to another date then that’s perfect and we would not feel any need to make a charge.

Even if you are not able to let us know until the actual day you arrive we will still look at our bookings, see how busy we are and how many people we may have had to turn away before we make any decisions on a cancellation charge.

Environmental statement

Both myself & Sara feel strongly about doing as much as we can to help the environment from multiple water butts to keep the garden nourished to the recycling of plastics, glass and cardboard.

to help us continue this there is an Environmental notices in all the rooms to show you how you could help us too.

thank you